Johnnie And Clyde's


Chef Obasi's passion for the culinary arts was fueled by a trip to Ghana as he began to rethink his chosen career path as an advanced doctoral History student. Realizing the connection between history and food, he chose to incorporate his understanding of History to his engagement with and love of food.

Obasi's commitment to creating a healthy "world plate" experience examines foods along the African Diaspora on the foundation of a Mediterranean dietary lifestyle. His life coming full circle by starting Johnnie And Clyde's affectionately named after his father, John, and his wife's father, Clyde, reflects respect for his cultural identity and connection to home. 

Obasi began using his gift in the culinary arts to focus on creating unique events and memorable food experiences to large numbers of guests and private clientele.

Monica, Obasi's wife, has been in the Arts, Entertainment, and Hospitality industry for over 25 years. She has served & worked for some of the most elite & prominent celebrity & professional clientele in the US. Her artistic talents have been used to enhance brand identity for many corporations. Monica is very well regarded as one of the best in the hospitality business. Clients regularly provide feedback that her attention to detail, discretion, creativity, and infectious smile have ensured that guests have a memorable experience.

Monica ensures Johnnie & Clyde's experiences challenge the senses and pleases the palate. Her motto is, "When was the last time your taste buds were tempted Visually?" And, she seeks to impress and entice their guest's appetites with her husband's culinary creations taking each guest on a journey learning the history and culture of food and fellowship. 

"The easiest expression of humanity is food. Food is an indicator of who we are and the range of our experiences. Through food, we all become human as the origins of many popular dishes have been long forgotten given the frequency of contemporary use. Food offers connections and, at the very least, conversation. My mission is to explore and instigate human connections and conversations through food." -Chef Obasi